Danish firms buy every year new cars to cope with the current transport needs of the company, and this applies both to the Director, representatives, installers and freight folks who’re all to be transported around the country in a decent way, since timing and image are key factors for the company’s order book and future. G

eneral seen running Danish company cars many kilometers every year, so therefore it often pays to find a company car diesel, as these cars are most economical in the long trips, and when you drive more than 20,000 km a year. A company car is seldom break when those employees to visit the company’s customers and supply goods all day long, so the cars typically utilized in the most appropriate manner.


Options for choice of company car

A company car can be chosen among all market cars, which includes all makes of car with all kinds of motors, so in some cases it is convenient with a small electric car for small trips inside the city, while other times a petrol be most convenient for small trips in the local area.

A company car diesel is most advantageous for companies that have a large transportation needs, as diesel cars are generally very business operation with 20-30 km per liter, and simultaneously diesel around 2 kr. Cheaper than gasoline, so it does not play a decisive role to tax every year a little more expensive for diesel cars and diesel cars are a little more expensive to buy as cars retain price over the years. Indeed, one can now choose all types of cars with either petrol or diesel engine, but you should be aware of the differences between the engines which are as follows:


  • Diesel cars’ intake system and particulate filter tilsoder often
  • Economic diesel cars do not cost extra in tax if they have a particulate filter
  • Diesel cars are more expensive to maintain, since new jets often cost 5,000 kr. Per. PCS.
  • Diesel engines normally have a longer life than gasoline engines
  • Diesel engines are not serviced as often as gasoline engines


Selecting a company car

Because of company cars driving pattern, then it usually pays to choose a company car diesel, which in length is the most advantageous solution for the company, as company cars often drive more than 30 km a day. Today it is also possible for the director or the company’s sales to represent the company with elegance, since one can acquire an expensive and smart luxury car that may be leased on very favorable terms.

For example, on the Audi website to find a smart calculation that shows the possibility of choosing a company car from the tax base. A large Audi A6 Limousine as company car diesel with a 2.0 TDI engine costs about 600,000 kr., But the same car can be leased for less than 6,000 kr. Per month, which in many cases is a brilliant solution for the companies.

This type of luxury cars can namely be tailored to your personal needs, so you can organize an office in your vehicle, thus converted into an office on wheels.